Interest Areas

Thematic Objectives

Leveraging change in complex health systems: generating ideas about new approaches to the leadership of complex health systems, recognising that health systems comprise a web of relationships amongst component parts that are situated within circles of contextual influences.

Harnessing tacit and experiential knowledge to health system development: ...exploring the role of tacit and experiential knowledge in leading and sustaining health system development.

Catalysing interdisciplinary inquiry to support health systems development: ...developing innovative concepts and ideas, frameworks and methodologies, drawn in particular from the social sciences, to support research and teaching on health system strengthening and policy change.

Strengthening the research‐practice interface: providing time and space for practitioners and researchers to engage systematically with, and learn from, each other’s knowledge, and develop new, shared understandings about HPS issues and research.

Developing teaching programmes: informing teaching development through course development and leadership training

Multidisciplinarity & Multi-sectoral Intersections in HPSR

In CHESAI we think that HPSR requires particular multidisciplinary and multisectoral approaches and capabilities. As an applied field of research, HPSR requires collaboration and improved engagement between researchers of different disciplines, as well as other health system actors.

The Role of Social Science in HPSR

We think that social science matters in HPSR, and needs to be understood and utilized better.

Complexity in HPSR

We argue that getting a grip on complexity is particularly important for HPSR.

For example, understanding complex causality is key—that is, the understanding that an effect is not linked by a linear and predictable path to a cause, but that there are multiple‐interacting causes generating a set of often unpredictable effects.

Health systems are ‘open’ in nature—there are multiple, interacting influences over them and embedded in them. HPSR must therefore adopt research strategies that allow investigation of complexity, including systems thinking and multidisciplinary perspectives on health system issues.


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