CHESAI Expert Residents

We have provided one-month long residencies for LMIC HPSR experts drawn from outside South Africa. Our engagement with these experienced HPS researchers has brought relevant international expertise to Cape Town and supported the development of collaborative links and activities with them and their colleagues

Prof Irene Agyepong: CHESAI 2013 Expert Resident

Prof. Irene Akua Agyepong is a global leader in the field of health policy and systems research. She trained at the University of Ghana Medical School (1986) with a Masters in Community Health from the University of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (1991) and a DRPH from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2000). She lectures at the University of Ghana School of Public Health, and has held a Prince Claus Chair in Equity and Development at Utrecht University in the Netherlands from 2008 to 2010. Prof Agyepong has worked extensively at the national level in Ghana with the Ministry of Health (Ghana Health Service) as a District Director in the Dangme West district from 1989 to 2003 and as Regional Director of Health for Greater Accra from 2004 to 2012. She has been centrally involved in the transformation of the Ghanaian health system – such as playing a technical advisory role supporting the development and implementation of the Ghana National Health Insurance scheme. Internationally, Prof Agyepong is on multiple advisory committees, and is currently the Chair of Health System Global.

Dr Kabir Sheikh: CHESAI 2014 Expert Resident

Kabir Sheikh (MBBS MSc PHD) is a Senior Research Scientist at the Public Health Foundation of India and director of the Health Governance Hub – PHFI’s interdisciplinary programme of health policy and systems research and research capacity building.
He is also Honorary Senior Lecturer at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and visiting faculty at the University of Melbourne, BRAC University Dhaka and the University of Delhi. He is actively involved with global and national initiatives to strengthen the field of health policy and systems research and maximise its relevance for real‐world change.

Dr Dan Maceira: CHESAI 2015 Expert Resident

Dan Maceira (PHD Econ) is a Senior Researcher at the Center for the Study of the State and Society (CEDES) in Argentina - among other roles.
He is based in Argentina but works in many countries in Latin America. He holds a PhD in Economics from Boston University, with fields in health economics and industrial organization, and has broad experience in HPSR - with a current interest in Latin American health systems reform..

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