Digest 2 - COVID-19 experiences _ leadership & governance themes April 2020


COVID experience globally – Digest 2


We are now keeping a regular eye out on the massive information being shared about COVID and responses to it, placing particular but not exclusive attention on material from and for LMICs. There is still too little about LMIC experience!

For this week’s journal club digest, we focus primarily on leadership, governance and  community level responses - and have selected ten pieces to share with you.

  1. A slightly longer piece on Adaptive leadership in the coronavirus response (attached in full to the email) - with suggestions for how to apply adaptive management in practice, to learn and adapt as response interventions are rolled out.


  1. A short piece about why compassionate leadership matters in a crisis


  1. A piece about the importance of ‘clear crisis communications’, with words of advice


  1. A post with 8 thoughts on how to tackle COVID in slums (re-using from last week as this seems so important)


  1. A blog that draws on experience in the Pacific to consider when and why people are prepared to make individual sacrifices for the collective good - emphasizing the critical role of community leaders and groups


  1. A post that offers some different thoughts about how to support community engagement in South Africa - now and in the future


  1. A slightly longer piece about how to build trust, confidence and collective action at this time - with lessons that include give, everyone a role, nurture the grassroots, enforce lockdowns fairly, and more….


  1. A post that talks to ‘the Worry of Governance’, highlighting two themes in the emerging debates.
  • Whether authoritarian states have performed better in COVID responses than democratic states  
  • The consequences of what is called ‘Emergency Politics’ - when something has happened that is so serious, so threatening and so outside the usual and accepted ‘rules of the game’ that states are obliged to take on new and hitherto unthinkable powers. After the crisis is over, will states emerge stronger or weaker as a result? And if stronger, will that state power be used for the benefit of the many or the few?


  1. Learning lessons for the future from the Middle East about the role of the State as a regulator and coordinator of health systems


  1. Some early lessons from COVID for NHI in South Africa


13 April 2020

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