Decolonial conversations about our HPSR praxis: How do we resist?

When a country gains independence from a colonial power, it does not mean that all the effects of colonialism automatically disappear. Coloniality is the condition that survives beyond the period of colonialism. Where decolonisation describes the process through which direct colonial rule was withdrawn, decoloniality is a political, epistemological and economic liberation project aimed at dislodging coloniality and its manifestations including the coloniality of power, and the coloniality of knowledge.

Considering what a decolonial lens offers us as southern scholars seeking to disrupt patterns of global knowledge production, and reflecting on what it offers us for our own research praxis, Leanne Brady & Lance Louskieter, HPSR PHD candidates at UCT, draw on some critical perspectives to kick start the discussion. Watch recording of the webinar

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