Reflections on COVID-19 from a health systems perspective: Digest 1 & 2 & 3

We send greetings from Cape Town, to the wider health and public health community in South Africa.

Many of you are right on the frontlines now, today, and we salute you!

We appreciate the hourly, daily, weekly efforts to protect us all, to care for us all.

And that’s what public health work is, ultimately: solidarity and action.

And we have seen both at play in these last days and weeks.

In order to support the COVID response across the country, we thought there might be some value in sharing some of the many, many, many blogs and short pieces that present COVID-related experiences that are less well publicized in the mainstream global media.

These pieces have been selected with a particular focus on health systems – looking beyond health care and beyond specific COVID-19 responses, recognising the wider influences over health, including broader political and economic factors, and recognising the need to respond to the situation and needs of particularly vulnerable population groups. We look at other countries’ experiences and think also about particular system challenges and responses.

As of 20th April 2020 there are three different digests, addressing different sets of issues.

We will continue to add to these digests over time.

COVID-19: Highlighting six themes among the current array of experiences and ideas being shared globally – Digest 1

COVID experience globally – Digest 2

Strategies to support health care workers and frontline managers during the COVID-19 pandemic – Digest 3


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